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LDPE Sheets


Standard Sizes:

Thickness: 3 mm to 30 mm


Sizes: 1000 mm width x 2000 mm length


1250 mm width x 2000 mm length


We provide customized (special) sizes on request; Available in Natural (white) and Black;


Indicative Rate for LDPE Sheets: INR Rs. 120 per mm per sq mtr


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LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene
Low Density Polyethylene is economical plastic material with good chemical resistance. LDPE provides high impact strength at low temperatures. It also exhibits excellent electrical properties.


LDPE Advantages:
Cheap, Good Chemical Resistance, High Impact Strength at Low Temperatures, & Excellent Electrical Properties


LDPE Disadvantages:
Low Strength, Low Stiffness, Low Maximum Operating Temperature, Flammable, Poor UV Resistance, High Gas Permeability (particularly CO2), Susceptible to Environmental Stress & Cracking

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