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PVDF - Extruded Rods & Plates
PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) is one of the most stable and pure of all commercial plastics. This highly chemically resistant fluoropolymer is used in piping, tubing, vessel fabrication, molded valves and fittings, tower packing, nozzles and other items for corrosive fluid handling. Its inherent chemical resistance and high purity make PVDF ideal for application in contact with high purity water, acids, chlorine, halogenated solvents and petrochemical mixtures. The natural flame retardancy and flexibility of PVDF leads to many uses in the jacketing of fiber optic cables, fiber optic raceways and copper cable used in plenum areas of buildings.

PVDF Sheets & Rods are:
Heat Resistant
Extruded PVDF Sheets have better thickness tolerance than compression-molded sheets.

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