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Cast Nylon Sheets


Cast Nylon Sheets (PA 6)

Standard Sizes:

Indian make: Thickness: 6 mm to 200 mm; Sizes: 300 mm W x 300 mm L; 1000 mm W x 1000 mm L

Colours: Default - Natural White, Black

Imported make: Thickness: 8 mm to 200 mm; Sizes: 1250 mm W x 2500 mm L

Colours: Default - Natural White, Black, Blue

Download Cast Nylon - Imported Technical Data Sheet

Variants available: 30% Glass Filled Nylon, Nylon PA 66, 30% Glass Filled Nylon PA 66, etc

We provide customized (special) sizes on request;Cast Nylon shapes are available in a wide range of sizes & grades. Their flexibility and performance characterics have led to Nylons replacing bronze, brass, steel, and aluminum in various mechanical applications.


Approximately 1/8 the weight of bronze
1/7 the weight of cast iron
1/2 the weight of aluminum
Highly impact resistance
High heat distortion temperature
Easy to machine and abrasion resistance
Excellent tensile and compressive strength,
Good wear properties & excellent electrical insulator.