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PolyUrethane (PU) Products

Polyurethane sheets, rods and tubes are made of tough, crack-resistant, and abrasion-resistant polyurethane, which lasts significantly longer than conventional rubbers and plastics.

Some other properties include

Oil & Solvent resistance

Resistance to acids/bases

Excellent mechanical properties

Resistance to heat aging

Vibration Dampening build up (hysteresis)

Food grade applications

We provide custom diameters, lengths, hardness, and colors with little or no tooling costs.


Engineering: Gears, Cams, Bushes, Bearings, Gaskets, Pulleys, Liners.

Textile: Loom Pivot Bearings, Gears for Looms and Knitting Machines, Shuttles, Rollers.

Metal: Bearings, Bearing Cages, Slipper Pads, Gears, Bushes, Wear Strips, Rollers, Eccentric Rollers, Wobble Box Inserts.

Material Handling Equipments: Cranes / Forklifts / Conveyors, Ropeways

Automobile: Wear Rings, Pads, Swivel Bushes, Throttle Linkages, Bushes, Shakle Pin Bushes

Paper/Sugar Mills: Gears, Bushes Pulleys, Roller Bearings

Bottling & Food Processing: Star Wheels, Scrolls, Guides, Cams, Cam Followers, Rollers, Timing Screws

Railways: Bushes, Wear Plates

Marine: Bushes, Gears, Rings, Trunion Bearings, Rollers & Roller Bearings, Stern Tubes


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