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Nitrile Rubber Sheets


Standard Sheet Size: 1 mtr width x 2 mtr;
Thickness: 1 mm to 50 mm
Quality: Pure and Semi

Nitrile rubber is a general purpose material resistant to a large variety of oils and greases. It is the workhorse of oil sealing owing to cost/performance compromise. Different nitrile compounds are available for fuels and for industrial fluids. Nitrile rubber is generally serviceable between -40°C and 105°C; it can withstand 120°C intermittently. It is not recommended for glycol-based brake fluids and EP-type lubricants.

Good general resistance to oil;
Good mechanical properties especially tensile strength, flexing, compression set and impermeability to gases. Moderate aging properties and good adhesion to metal.
Good resistance to inorganic chemical products except antioxidant agents and chlorine. It gives satisfactory resistance to general hydrocarbons.