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PTFE Packings


PTFE Packings are made from 100% pure PTFE-multifilament-yarn, from expanded, filled ePTFE-yarn, and from graphite-incorporated PTFE-yarn. These packings have excellent thermal and chemical resistance.

There are various grades available for PTFE Packings

1. Expanded PTFE yarn with highly refined mineral filler particles

2. Expanded PTFE yarn with highly refined filler particles, treated with mineral oil

3. Diagonally braided from pure, expanded PTFE-yarn with incorporated graphite (gPTFE yarn), lubricated with silicone oil

4. It is an extruded packing made from pure PTFE-fine-powder, sulphurless graphite (99% pure) and a food-approved lubricant

5. An extruded packing made from pure PTFE-fine-powder and a food approved lubricant. Available in round and square cross sections

6. Braided from 100% pure gPTFE-yarn (PTFE with incorporated graphite)

7. Round packing braided from 100% pure PTFE-tapes, additionally wrapped with a layer of PTFE-tapes

8. It consists of a special hollow NBR core, wrapped in a protective layer of pure PTFE-tapes, surrounded by a cushion of synthetic fibres, wrapped in a layer of PTFE-tapes, overbraided with durable PTFE yarn

9. Braided from pure PTFE-fibers in form of a tube, folded to form a tape, treated with PTFE-dispersion and an inert FDA conforming mineral oil